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Whom to Call and How To React After a Disaster

4/19/2021 (Permalink)

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Overnight disasters are always harmful however one should react smartly and they must know whom to call next. If your home is damaged due to water, fire, mold, or any other thing, take the necessary steps to protect the property first and call for the necessary help. Sometimes, we take charge of our own hands however it could be more harmful to yourself as well as for the whole property.

As SERVPRO Professionals of Fairfax, Vienna, and Oakton, we know how to react and how to save ourselves from any further disasters. Here are some of the suggested steps:

  1. Keep Yourself Safe

First of all, keep yourself safe. Sometimes it's hard to make judgments on how much disaster has been made so first make yourself and your family safe and try to reach a safe position. Make sure to turn off all the water supplies and power supplies of the home.

Call the electricity department in case of fire so they can take the charge and help further. In case of water damage, try to get out of the house or get a safe position asap.

  1. Contact Your Insurance Company Next

If you have home insurance then contact them first for a house claim in case of home damage. You should also safeguard all the documents which are required to file the claim. Get your insurance agent online and take their help for further processing.

  1. Finally, Contact the Restoration Company

Sometimes, the insurance companies recommend restoration companies on their own or you can also contact the ones who have a great reputation in terms of services. Restoration companies work with insurance companies and can restore the property in a good condition again.